Composing DeFi

for Mass Adoption

The first interoperable infrastructure for modular DeFi

Pioneering innovative Web3 user experiences in a trustless, non-custodial, and decentralized manner.

Our Principles


Composability refers to the way our framework enables developers to create cross-chain applications from modules that execute functions.


Modularity explains how core parts of applications and protocols are separated into independent and interchangeable modules so that each module contains the necessary elements to execute functions.


Orchestration involves abstracting the complex user and developer experience (UX | DX) of siloed DeFi primitives for end users and developers, thus enabling seamless cross-chain functionality.

Our Core Elements

We build the infrastructure to modularize applications and functions, thus linking different subsets of DeFi. The overall result is an industry that is easier to use and more valuable, leading to high appeal to retail users.

The Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM) is a top-level orchestration layer for deploying protocols that can communicate across multiple chains at once.


Our custom-built blockchains leveraging Kusama and Polkadot.


Bridges facilitate the transfer of assets between different chains and ecosystems. The trustless bridging technology we develop and use is combined with our XCVM and pallets to enable interoperability at its core.


Pallets are custom, pre-built modules with unique functionality. They act as foundational components that can be combined and recombined for novel DeFi use-cases.

Our Tech Stack

Composable’s infrastructure and product suite allows developers to deploy applications capable of autonomous interoperability in a non-custodial and trustless manner.

Application Layer

Presentation Layer



Routing Layer

Open Transport Protocol (OTP)

Infrastructure Layer

XCVM & Centauri

Trustless Non-custodial Cross-ecosystem Environment

Build with Composable

Composable Labs

Composable Labs builds unique DeFi pallets written in modular code that other developers and pallets can leverage.


Composable provides grants and technical assistance to projects that use our technology, emphasizing those that provide essential functionality or are extremely innovative. Our team is interested in working with you, regardless of whether you have an idea or a fully formed project.


Composable Research

Composable Research is a deep-tech exploration institute that tackles difficult long term problems without readily available solutions. Our team of highly credentialed engineers contribute to research, blockchain theory, and academic publications across diverse technical domains that advance Web3.